It all started for me about 12 years ago when I was asked to help a family, new to the country and who only spoke Spanish, to fix their dryer which stopped heating. I am an electrical engineer and my friend who asked me to help knew that I was pretty handy. My wife spoke Spanish so I took her with me to translate. I think I replaced the heating element. Since then I have helped many families in the Greater Dayton area with appliances, lawn equipment, home repair, and car repair. Many of the families are refugees, speak very little English, and don’t have much support. I do it for a few reasons. First and foremost, Jesus served so I want to serve. God has given me the ability to fix many things, and I am just using the gifts he has given me. Secondly, honestly it’s a little selfish, I like the feeling I get when I see the smile on someones face or the joy in their heart when I am able to help them out. Lastly, I don’t like seeing people get taken advantage of. It happens way more often than most people realize, especially when it comes to cars. If I can take a few hours out of my week to save someone a little bit of money and a lot of headache, it is well worth my time. My piece, however, is only a small fragment of the International Ministry that has been helping struggling families in Dayton. Impact Garage, I believe, will help make the people that I work with be more effective and offer a broader scope of service for vehicles that are not luxuries, but essential tools needed for sustaining families.



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